Friday, October 16, 2015

Enjoy The Moment

Many times we forget to take it day by day and smile. Enjoy the moment. We forget that sometimes it's best to just breath. Much like children they do not worry about the next day because they are so busy enjoying their right now.

Take my model here little miss Sophia, she came into the store with joy and life and she entained me. She reminded me that it's OK not to be an adult just for a moment.

She taught me how to bust some cool ballet moves, and how to model a purple pair of erika raybans with sass.  She didn't want to leave me she hugged me and said bye Mrs Angela. Ever Want to know what kind of spirit you have interact with a child.

Take a moment and forget about your cares, laugh, smile and dance.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

So What It's Rainy

Rainy days, we don't love them, but we don't hate them either. Yeah they make us feel tired, it hard to get things done, and as a parent you can't send the kiddos out to play... (you were thinking it)

Though there are some downsides to rain there is no need to hold the fashionista inside hostage. Let it out and be bold bright and fashionable. Every rainy day need some sunshine.

Getting dressed even for the kids will make a difference in your  mood. Allowing our kids to try to come up with many different ways to dress will help them mold their own personal style.

So what it's rainy enjoy your day

**Kyleigh is still her fashion forward self .with her pink skirt, Belle of the ball tee, tights and books, army green jackets for added bonus

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What The Chartreuse???

Did you know that chartreuse is the color of the season...

So just what is this color, it the color halfway between green and yellow.

Now if that doesn't say welcome spring then what does. So while you are out shopping away preparing for this pretty spring weather, don't be surprised if you see beautiful arrays of chartreuse meeting you at the door.

Add a little pop of this amazing color to the prince or princess's wardrobe in your life today.

Fashion is not about the clothes you wear, but in the way you wear them...